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on april 26, the low-temperature-resistant automatic hydrogen refueling robot undertaken by chn energy guohua investment company (also called the “hydrogen energy company”) at the west inner mongolia heavy-duty railway hydrogenation research and demonstration station completed the entire system debugging, realizing the automation of hydrogen refueling for end-users and the application of the world's first low-temperature-resistant automatic hydrogen refueling robot.

this independently developed low-temperature-resistant automatic hydrogen refueling robot and high-flow hydrogen refueling machine can provide 24*7 refueling service, with a maximum flow rate of 7.2 kg/minute, reaching the international leading level. this marks that china's hydrogen energy equipment has the quality to be applied in heavy-duty railways.

the low-temperature-resistant automatic hydrogen refueling robot system adopts advanced force-controlled soft floating technology. by automatically recognizing its torque during the refueling gun alignment process, it can realize real-time positioning with the help of an anti-interference 3d vision combined camera. under outdoor conditions, it can automatically complete the entire hydrogen refueling process, including opening the explosion-proof cabin, gripping the hydrogenation gun, visual system recognition, inserting the refueling gun, automatically locking the refueling gun, pulling out the gun, and system reset without manual intervention.

at the same time, the robot meets the iic level of hydrogen explosion-proof requirements, ensuring the maximum system and personnel safety. the embedded risk recognition function can monitor the vehicle and environment in real time during the refueling process. once anomalies are detected, it will immediately execute security operations such as real-time alarm interlocking, ensuring safety, stability, and efficiency.