china’s first coal mine unmanned driving technology passes acceptance-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

author:    source: communication company   time: 2024-05-11   font:【 】

on april 30th, the “coal mine underground explosion-proof electric vehicle unmanned driving technology research and demonstration project,” jointly conducted by chn energy digital technology company and yulin energy, which is china’s first in this area, passed the final acceptance. the acceptance team includes experts from chn energy science and information department, china university of mining and technology, beijing institute of technology, etc.

based on the current situation of vehicle driving in coal mines, the research focused on unmanned driving, command and dispatch, and safety control and independently developed technologies such as wire-controlled chassis, fusion perception, unmanned driving control algorithms, and vehicle reliability redundancy technology. the project has developed a complete underground unmanned driving system for coal mines. equipped with this system, the vehicles can cover more complex underground environments, with functions such as edge-following unmanned driving, obstacle recognition and bypass, traffic light recognition, automatic turning, and automatic parking. all performance indicators have reached the leading level in china.

in addition, the auxiliary transportation management system developed by intelligent dispatch algorithms has realized functions such as intelligent scheduling of transportation plans, intelligent planning of vehicle routes, intelligent control of traffic lights, intelligent matching of drivers, and intelligent setting of stations in the management of auxiliary vehicles in coal mines, thereby improving the safety and reliability of the underground unmanned driving system through the integration of multiple technologies.