chn energy takes multiple measures to reduce social logistics costs-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

author:    source: communication company   time: 2024-05-15   font:【 】

in 2023, by fully leveraging the advantages of its own road, port, and shipping channels and actively implementing measures such as coordinated freight settlement and freight rate reduction, chn energy reduced social logistics costs by approximately 1.42 billion yuan.

the total freight volume of baotou-shenmu, shenmu-shuozhou and shuozhou-huanghua railways under chn energy exceeded 560 million tons in 2023. last year, chn energy shipped about 280 million tons of bulk cargo from society, accounting for nearly 50% of its total transportation volume. after completing the coal transportation from the west to the east, the trains can provide high-quality and low-cost logistics services to enterprises along the railways on their way back, without affecting the task of coal transportation.

rough estimates indicate that these measures have helped downstream enterprises reduce logistics costs by approximately 1.42 billion yuan, effectively supporting local economic development and playing a positive role in promoting structural adjustments of china’s transportation industry.