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on april 7th, chn energy's heavy-load railway hydrogen refueling research and demonstration station completed the hydrogen refueling commissioning for a hydrogen-powered locomotive, with a total hydrogen gas volume of 845 kilograms injected. all key operational indicators exceeded targets, signifying that china's hydrogen energy power equipment is now capable of entering the heavy-load railway market.

a panoramic view of the guohua investment west inner mongolia heavy-load railway hydrogen research and demonstration station.

located at the haleshao south station in yijinhuoluo banner, ordos city, inner mongolia, this station is built to a tier-three hydrogen refueling scale. it is a key project in ordos city and the first heavy-load railway hydrogen station in china. once operational, the station's refueling capacity will be 500 kilograms per day, with a hydrogen storage capacity of 800 kilograms and a maximum refueling flow rate of 7.2 kilograms per minute, reaching an internationally leading level.

during the test run, the station operated strictly according to the predetermined plan, verifying the overall station control logic. it completed multiple critical tasks including hydrogen gas replacement, hydrogen unloading and refueling, and system integration and linkage. the test run also addressed issues that arose during the process through timely discussion and rectification, ensuring safety and control, and achieving the expected goals.