the “guoneng gongxiang” project released the first batch of 10,000 fingerlings-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

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recently, the fujian branch of longyuan power under chn energy successfully released the first batch of 10,000 large yellow croaker fingerlings at the world's first floating wind-fishery integrated project, “guoneng gongxiang”, whose name literally means “chn energy-sharing”. this marks the official implementation of the fishery farming plan for the project, aiming to create a new model of integrated development with "power generation above the sea and fish farming below."

the first batch of fingerlings being released at the "guoneng gongxiang" site.

located near nanri island in putian, fujian, within a national marine ranching demonstration zone, this site has a water depth of about 35 meters. it features a tri-column semi-submersible platform structure, with a 4-megawatt offshore wind turbine installed on the platform. the middle of the platform is designed as a hexagonal farming area, approximately 10,000 cubic meters in volume. the project uses an open near-ecological model for deep-sea farming, representing the first global innovative practice integrating far-offshore floating wind power and aquaculture. the project is equipped with advanced, modern, and intelligent deep-sea farming facilities, including a net-cleaning robot system, an automatic feeding system, and marine environmental and fish monitoring systems. it also features sensors for online monitoring of water quality and hydrological data, enabling key parameters like water temperature to be monitored. remote observation allows for assessing fish growth and size, aiming for low-maintenance and unmanned intelligent farming operations, effectively preventing risks and increasing profitability.

the initial batch of large yellow croaker fingerlings, each weighing 700-800 grams, will be farmed over a period of 3 to 4 months. after the initial batch stabilizes, more fingerlings will be timely added, with the entire farming cycle expected to generate millions of yuan in revenue, comparable to the project's power generation income, thus helping to reduce costs and enhance efficiency for offshore wind power, and fostering new productive forces.