longyuan power’s wind turbine speed regulation, energy storage technology reaches internationally advanced level-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

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on april 8, the scientific project of "wind turbine speed regulation and energy storage management research and application" by longyuan power under chn energy, passed the appraisal conducted by china electricity council, reaching an internationally advanced level. the project significantly enhances the primary frequency control and inertia response capabilities of wind farms.

in response to the problems of operational wind farms and wind turbines lacking primary frequency control and inertia response, longyuan power engineering technology company, the project undertaker, aimed to minimize the cost of energy storage investment. taking into account wind resources and grid point frequency effects, the company proposed control strategies for wind turbine energy storage to participate in primary frequency control, optimized methods for configuring energy storage capacity for wind turbines, and established a "aerodynamic-mechanical-electrical coupling" simulation model for wind turbines. the project conducted simulation studies on the dynamic characteristics and performance boundaries of wind-storage combined participation in wind turbine inertia response, achieving functions of primary frequency regulation and inertia response for wind farms, as well as reasonable allocation and automatic regulation of wind and storage power. the project also developed control software for wind and energy storage to jointly participate in inertia response regulation. through precise collection, high-speed transmission, and automatic calculation of grid frequency and equipment operational data, the software enables rapid bilateral response adjustment to frequency fluctuations in wind farms, resolving the issue of power uprating in wind turbines. according to third-party inspections, the project meets relevant standards and is expected to reduce data interface renovation costs by about 50,000 yuan per grid connection point.

currently, this technology has been applied in the technical modifications for 712 megawatts of wind turbines in over 20 wind farms in regions such as yunnan, anhui, and jilin. with significant economic and social benefits, this technology provides strong support for building a safe, robust, and green power system.