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on march 28, longyuan power under chn energy, held its 2023 annual performance briefing and esg report release conference in beijing via a combination of video and teleconference. the annual report reveals that, as of december 31, 2023, the company's total installed capacity reached 35,593.67 megawatts, including 27,754.39 megawatts from wind power, 5,964.28 megawatts from photovoltaics and other renewable energy sources, and 1,875 megawatts from thermal power. according to chinese accounting standards, the company achieved an annual revenue of 37.642 billion yuan, with a net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company of 6.249 billion yuan.

longyuan power's “ningxia-hunan direct current” and its 1 million kilowatts photovoltaic desertification control project phase i.

longyuan power consolidated its safety and environmental protection baseline, with production and operation quality steadily improving. in 2023, the total electricity generated was 762.26 billion kilowatt-hours, a 7.92% increase year-on-year, with wind power generating 613.53 billion kilowatt-hours, up 5.22% year-on-year, and photovoltaics and other renewable energy sources generating 45.53 billion kilowatt-hours, a 159.83% increase year-on-year. focusing on key breakthroughs, the development of new energy reached new heights. longyuan power added 54 gigawatts to its resource reserves, all located in areas with high-quality resources, while 22.75 gigawatts of projects are approved. by focusing on high-quality engineering, longyuan power maintained industry leadership in high-quality development. longyuan power continued to promote visible project site construction, strengthen the "three simultaneous" management of projects under construction, enforce strict start-up controls, process controls, and enhance inspections to create high-quality engineering projects. in 2023, the company added 1,562.55 megawatts of controlled wind power installed capacity and 2,947.28 megawatts of controlled photovoltaic installed capacity.

by strengthening innovation, longyuan power creates advantages in digital and intelligent technology. longyuan power continuously optimized its digital platform for new energy production, enhancing smart operation capabilities. the world's first floating wind-fishery integration demonstration project “gongxiang” broke through more than ten new key technologies and completed grid connection tests at the end of 2023, providing strong technical support for deep-sea wind power development. the alashan large-scale wind and solar base hydrogen production and ammonia synthesis project received approval from the national development and reform commission. the key formulation for the recycling and resource utilization project of new energy solid waste old blade crushing technology was successfully developed. in 2023, the company applied for 32 invention patents, issued 4 national standards, 11 energy industry standards, and 3 energy industry standards received approval from the national energy administration, completing 6 scientific and technological project acceptances.

furthermore, longyuan power actively participated in carbon market construction, deeply involved in the compilation of methodologies for distributed renewable energy generation and offshore wind power led by the china electricity council. a digital carbon inventory management system was implemented among 108 thermal power enterprises under chn energy, continuously strengthening the quality of carbon emission data. the company actively participated in the national carbon emission rights trading market and domestic and international voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction market trading. longyuan carbon assets company achieved 100% compliance clearance ahead of schedule for two consecutive carbon market compliance periods; completed 210,000 tons of ccer transactions for chn energy.

additionally, the company disclosed 19 substantive issues and over 140 quantitative indicators through the esg report system, showcasing the latest progress of longyuan power in practicing sustainable development concepts and helping achieve the united nations sdgs. in terms of the environment, the company adapted to local conditions to develop renewable energy, exploring innovative "new energy " nature-benefit integration development models, with renewable energy generation accounting for 86.46%, equivalent to reducing more than 54 million tons of carbon dioxide; socially, the company donated 26.22 million yuan while developing the electric power business, actively fulfilling social responsibilities, investing more than 54 million yuan in employee training throughout the year to promote sustainable talent development; in governance, it improved the "top-down, three-level linkage, professional support" governance structure, established an esg expert committee, and continuously enhanced esg governance capabilities."