chn energy maerdang hydropower station’s power generation exceeds 100 million kwh-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

author:    source: communication company   time: 2024-04-25   font:【 】

as of april 21st, chn energy’s maerdang hydropower station had generated a cumulative total of 109.6 million kilowatt-hours electricity, contributing to the supply of clean energy and laying a solid foundation for accomplishing the annual production tasks.

since the 5th unit at the maerdang hydropower station was connected to the grid on april 1st, the station has been fully committed to maximizing power generation. currently, the station is in a phase where site construction and production operations overlap, characterized by a high number of onsite workers, a complex environment, and challenging safety management. to address these problems, the station has implemented strict measures such as setting up physical barriers between operational area and construction areas and conducting regular inspections and maintenance of operational units to ensure their safe and stable operation. meanwhile, by enhancing communication with the dispatch center, planning in advance, and organizing operations in a precise manner with safe production as the top priority, maerdang hydropower station strives to ensure comprehensive management of grid connection tests and power generation for unit 5, aiming for increased and stable output.