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on march 31, the second phase of the 100 mw/200 mwh energy storage station, a supporting project of the ningxia power’s east ningxiacomposite photovoltaic base project under chn energy, was successfully connected to the grid. this marks the completion and operation of the largest grid-forming energy storage station in china.

the photo shows the energy storage station supporting the ningdong composite photovoltaic base project. this energy storage station is one of the first batch of projects supporting the 100 gw large-scale wind and photovoltaic bases nationwide. it is a strong measure taken by ningxia power to implement the "four revolutions and one cooperation" new strategy for energy security, promote the integration of source-grid-load-storage and the development of multi-energy complementation in the ningxia power grid, enhance the peaking and standby capacity of the power system, accelerate the consumption of new energy, and build a modern energy industry system that is "clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient." it was constructed in conjunction with the chn energy’s east ningxia 1.5 gw composite photovoltaic base project, with a planned total capacity of 200 mw/400 mwh. the station was built in two phases; the first phase, a 100 mw/200 mwh energy storage station, was constructed with a grid-following design and was fully operational in june 2023, with an average monthly dispatch of about 28 times, showing overall good operation.

the second phase, a 100 mw/200 mwh energy storage station, was constructed with a grid-forming design. it can simulate the operating characteristics of synchronous generators by increasing the overcurrent capacity, provide system virtual capacity and short-circuit capacity, support synchronous voltage for the grid, suppress transient overvoltage, improve impedance characteristics, effectively enhance the grid's ability to accept new energy, and provide technical support for the next steps in reducing or replacing equipment such as phase shifters.

this project marks the first successful application of grid-forming technology at the “desert, gobi and barren land”new energy base, pioneering a new application scenario for grid-forming technology to enhance the short-circuit capacity of ultra-high voltage direct current transmission end new energy power systems and improve system rotational inertia. it will effectively support the construction of a robust transmission grid, contribute innovative solutions to advance energy transformation, and achieve the "dual carbon" goals. the completion of the project significantly promotes the ability of the east ningxia power grid and the chn energy east ningxia 2 gw composite photovoltaic base to consume new energy. going forward, various tests and performance experiments will be carried out to provide data support for the testing and standard setting of grid-forming energy storage.