china energy investment corporation held the greece session under its "gen z energy tour china-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

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on april 26, guohua energy investment co., ltd. (ghei), a subsidiary under china energy investment corporation hosted the 3rd corporate open day of the thrace wind project, under the theme "clean energy delivers a better life for all" in the municipality of alexandroupolis, thrace, greece. the company unveiled the 2024 corporate social responsibility report of china energy europe renewable energy s.a. (ceere).

chinese representatives from the state council information office, china international communications group, beijing foreign studies university, dunhuang research academy, and others, as well as representatives from greek institutions including the administrative region of eastern macedonia and thrace of greece, the municipality of alexandroupolis, the greek fourth emergency response team, and the greek forestry management authority, and a visiting youth delegation from aristotle university of thessaloniki attended the opening ceremony.

after the ceremony, the youth attendees visited the korfovouni wind farm to learn about the safety production of wind farms, measures for bird protection, and the cultural construction of ceere. the visiting youth had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a day as "wind farm inspectors" to experience the daily operations of wind farms as well as the corporate ethos of "diligence, dedication, innovation and excellence" of china energy investment corporation. elenh, a greek youth student, expressed her sincere admiration for ghei's endeavors to promote renewable energy development in greece and hoped for wider adoption of green development principles, envisioning a cleaner and greener future for the beautiful planet.

this event is part of ghei's "gen z energy tour china-europe" series for 2024. these activities aim to organize european "gen z" youth to visit both greece and china, providing them with opportunities to explore the rich cultures and histories of both nations, witness new technologies, breakthroughs, and achievements of chinese clean energy companies represented by ghei of china energy investment corporation, and foster cultural exchanges and mutual learning between china and europe. currently, the event has successfully concluded its beijing session and greece session.

the 2024 corporate social responsibility report of ceere outlines its efforts and achievements in green energy, promoting cultural integration, environmental conservation, and supporting public welfare since its establishment five years ago, actively fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. the report highlights ghei's comprehensive implementation of ecological environmental protection and water and soil conservation efforts in europe, promoting green practices across the entire industrial chain in the past five years. annually, the company generates approximately 160 gwh of green electricity, equivalent to saving 53,000 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 150,000 tons. moreover, the company actively engages in cultural exchanges, participates in community welfare initiatives, conducts multiple donations to local schools and fire brigades, and hosts various cross-cultural integration activities for consecutive years. in 2023, ceere was honored with the "outstanding achievement award for entrepreneurship and responsibility" by the chinese embassy in greece.