chn energy tech employs china’s first set of hybrid diesel-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

author:    source: communication company   time: 2024-04-24   font:【 】

on april 17th, the electric mining truck hybrid power system research and application project undertaken by longyuan electric under chn energy guodian technology & environment group (“chn energy tech” for short) successfully passed its final acceptance check. this marked the first successful application of a hybrid system on a 300-ton class electric mining truck in china.

the project, based on the goal of constructing green and smart mines, utilizes a dc/dc converter independently developed by the company. this device can recover energy wasted during downhill braking of the truck and store it in a battery. when ascending hills or other high-power conditions occur, the energy is released from the battery to reduce diesel engine fuel consumption. after 12 months of operational assessment, the safety and reliability of the modifications were fully verified. the modification can reduce fuel consumption by 8.8%. with further upgrades to the battery pack, it is expected to reduce fuel consumption by 12% to 16%. the technology can be widely applied to various tonnages of electric wheel mining trucks and is ready for mass promotion.

the successful implementation of this project has filled a technical gap in hybrid energy-saving transformations of electric wheel mining trucks for large-scale open-pit coal mines, enhancing the company's technological level and capacity for independent innovation in the mining industry, providing a reliable guarantee for chn energy's development of new quality productive forces, constructing eco-friendly mines, and localizing major equipment.