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on february 25th, in yongqu township, nierong county, nagqu city, xizang autonomous region, an event titled “care from second-hand clothes” bring warmth to the local people. the organizer of this event is a volunteer team called “green ribbon”.

over the years, "green ribbon" has continuously explored and implemented influential volunteer service activities such as “green energy science education”, “children’s wishes”, “matchmaking services”. as of now, they have donated over 650,000 yuan worth of supplies such as school bags and stationery, benefiting over 4,000 impoverished students.

"why do we still have coal-fired power plants if wind power is cleaner?" "how can we reduce carbon emissions?" volunteers answered these questions one by one for the children, quietly planting seeds of "exploring energy science" in their hearts.

the scientific environmental protection group's intelligent exhibition hall provided rich and colorful science education for young people is one of the main public welfare activities of "green ribbon." students from primary and secondary schools, and even colleges in beijing, learn about energy science through model displays, interactive experiences, and other methods.

through continuous exploration, "green ribbon" has built a relatively complete science education system. the volunteer lecturers actively carry out activities such as "energy knowledge into schools," and have planned and developed series of courses.

since 2018, "green ribbon" has supported targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization efforts. they have jointly organized the "youth fulfilling micro-wishes" series of activities with local groups and volunteer service teams, visiting over 20 primary schools in chifeng city, including sali'ba primary school, kaqi xiaoniuqun primary school, and wengqi hailasu primary school, as well as 12 primary and secondary schools in nierong county, including nierong county middle school, nierong county elementary school, and nierong county baixiong elementary school.