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author:    source: communication company   time: 2024-03-04   font:【 】

on march 1st, the chicheng wind hydrogen storage multi-energy complementary project of china energy hebei branch was successfully connected to the grid.

this project is a key new energy project in hebei province and also a key scientific and technological project of china energy. located in chicheng county, zhangjiakou city, hebei province, the project has installed a total of 33 units of 5 megawatts wind turbines, with a total installed capacity of 165 megawatts and supporting energy storage capacity of 24.75 megawatts / 49.5 megawatts. after the project is connected to the grid, it will provide green electricity for the chicheng hydrogen production plant in the project to carry out hydrogen production through water electrolysis. it can produce 338 million kilowatt-hours of green electricity annually, equivalent to saving 114,600 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 198,600 tons, providing assistance for hebei to build a new energy powerhouse.