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on january 30th, the national energy bureau announced the top 10 major technological innovations of the national energy research and development innovation platform for 2023. the "new generation iron-based fischer-tropsch synthetic catalyst," jointly developed by china energy’s national institute of clean and low-carbon energy(nice) relying on the national energy coal clean conversion and utilization technology research and development center, and the ningxia coal industry co., ltd., under china energy, was successfully selected.

the new generation iron-based fischer-tropsch synthetic catalyst

nice addressed the issue of high selectivity of carbon dioxide as a by-product in the fischer-tropsch synthesis reaction in the existing coal indirect liquefaction process and the need for technological enhancement and efficiency improvement. they innovatively developed a formula for the cnft-2 fischer-tropsch synthesis catalyst with high activity and low carbon dioxide selectivity, along with its preparation technology. this achievement was applied in may 2023 at the ningxia coal industry's 4-million-ton-per-year coal indirect liquefaction demonstration project of the national energy group. after on-site assessment and calibration, the performance indicators such as oil yield and carbon dioxide emissions were significantly improved, while retaining the technical advantages of the original catalyst's wear resistance. this achievement realized the further upgrading and iteration of coal indirect liquefaction catalyst technology based on the existing international leading level, bringing significant economic and environmental benefits, and assisting in enhancing oil and gas security capabilities and the high-end, diversified, and low-carbon development of the coal chemical industry.

the national energy coal clean conversion and utilization technology research and development center was approved for construction by the national energy administration in july 2010. it is jointly constructed by the national energy group and zhejiang university, with the national energy group relying on the low carbon institute to carry out its work. the center focuses on the major needs of clean and efficient conversion and utilization of coal at the national level, continuously upgrading technologies such as coal-based chemicals, coal-based new materials, coal indirect liquefaction, and ccus, supporting the construction of the group's six major bases and the development of coal chemical "three transformations."

nice is dedicated to building a high-level national research and development platform. currently, the low carbon institute has 12 high-end national/provincial-level research and development platforms, including the national key laboratory for coal mining water resources protection and utilization, and the national energy coal clean conversion and utilization technology research and development center, among others, with five of them being national-level platforms. relying on these national-level research and development platforms, the low carbon institute focuses on solving major scientific and technological problems that affect the overall situation and long-term interests of the energy industry, providing technological support for china energy to build a national strategic scientific and technological force in the energy field.