“intelligent mode” enhances emergency response capability of shendong liuta coal mine-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

author:    source: communication company   time: 2024-02-22   font:【 】

recently, the automatic power supply and start-up function of partial underground ventilators at the shendong coal liuta coal mine have been successfully applied within the production control platform, effectively enhancing the mine's emergency response capability.

the underground partial ventilators may experience shutdown due to misoperation, adverse weather conditions, sudden power outages in the upper-level power supply system, etc. in cases where remote control temporarily fails and underground personnel cannot immediately reach the scene, the power supply startup time may increase. in response to this situation, the young innovation team of the liuta coal mine's intelligent operation and maintenance team developed the "intelligent mode" for power supply startup by writing software code, within the configuration page of the production control platform for the partial ventilator power supply system. in this mode, after the upper-level power supply system restores power supply, the system automatically performs fault diagnosis before power supply startup, comprehensively judging underground high-voltage cabinets, switches, feeders, fan switches, and other equipment. after diagnosing no faults and the voltage reaching the preset value, power supply is gradually switched on at each level until the partial ventilator operates normally. if any equipment fault is detected, the program stops execution and maintains monitoring status until the fault is resolved. this program can ensure power supply safety while completing automatic power supply startup.

"in the case of good network conditions, this program only takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the power supply and startup of the partial ventilator, greatly reducing equipment downtime and enhancing the emergency response capability of the mine's power supply system using the 'intelligent mode'," said tian jianglong, captain of the liuta coal mine's intelligent operation and maintenance team.