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recently, dadu river company of china energy applied the novel cemented sand and gravel filling technology for the first time, completing the filling of the fishway project at shaping first-level hydroelectric station. this marks the first innovative application of this technology in large-scale hydro projects in china.

the image shows the construction site of shaping first-level hydroelectric station.

shaping first-level hydroelectric station is the 23rd station in the adjustment plan of dadu river main stream. located within the jin kouhe district of leshan city, it is a key construction project in the "14th five-year plan" of sichuan province and a major project in the "battle map" of leshan city. the installed capacity is 360,000 kilowatts. cemented sand and gravel, as a new type of cement-based dam material, possesses new characteristics such as low cement consumption, low temperature control requirements, simple process, and eco-friendliness. it can significantly shorten the construction period and reduce construction costs. it is a newly emerging engineering material in the industry in recent years. compared with ordinary cemented sand and gravel, rich slurry cemented sand and gravel have stronger anti-seepage and higher durability. they are usually set at the bottom and near-water surface of cemented sand and gravel structures.

the planned total volume of cemented sand and gravel at shaping first-level hydroelectric station is about 650,000 cubic meters, mainly including foundation backfilling for floodgates, units, installation spaces, fishways, and left bank dam sections. in order to complete the foundation backfilling project with high quality, dadu river sand company thoroughly implemented the construction requirements of "two highs and one low" of the group company, actively promoted the application and practice of "four new" technologies, innovatively adopted cemented sand and gravel filling technology, fully utilized local materials, and first directly used machine mixing for large-area rich slurry cemented sand and gravel at the bottom of the fishway. the material was spread and compacted on-site, and for cemented sand and gravel in narrow areas near the water surface where compaction conditions were not available, slurry was added and compacted by vibrating. this method reduced waste, accelerated construction progress, saved investment, and contributed to environmental protection.