china energy held national ccus r&d center work seminar-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

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on december 26th, the ministry of science, technology, and information of china energy organized a work seminar for the national coal-based carbon capture, utilization, and storage technology research and development center (hereinafter referred to as the national ccus r&d center). the seminar discussed the construction, operation, and research planning of the national ccus r&d center and deployed the subsequent work of the center.

the meeting pointed out that the national ccus r&d center is urged to accelerate research and industrial layout, conduct top-level design, strengthen collaboration with participating units, and unite the efforts of the group to complete the r&d and construction of ccus projects, achieving the high-quality completion of the "three-year race" assessment goals. the center should focus on addressing fundamental issues related to the efficient capture and storage at scale, solving core challenges in energy consumption, costs, economics, and industrialization methods throughout the ccus process. additionally, the center should conduct two research initiatives, establish a comprehensive layout, deepen coordination, and form an organic, orderly, synergistic, and efficient ccus innovation team.

the meeting suggested accelerating the advancement of internationally recognized large-scale ccus demonstration projects. the national ccus r&d center should strive to undertake at least one large-scale ccus collaborative project mentioned in the "china-u.s. sunshine town declaration." it is recommended to leverage the abundant resource industry base, geological carbon sink conditions, and operational cost advantages of the energy golden triangle. following a "integrated design, step-by-step implementation" approach, the center should proactively plan a large-scale ccus industrial cluster of tens of millions of tons at the jinjie plant, taking the lead in creating an internationally recognized and world-class 600mw-level coal-fired unit "whole flue gas capture, full-process end carbon sequestration" ccus demonstration project. the scale of the project should be gradually expanded in line with international and domestic situations to achieve a regional-level industrial cluster. the meeting also emphasized expediting the substantive progress of integrated ccus demonstration projects and entire plant ccus cluster projects and conducting relevant policy and methodological research to support the creation of a commercial ccus operating environment in the country.