dadu river company stored 3 billion cubic meters to ensure energy supply-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

author:    source: communication company   time: 2024-01-26   font:【 】

as sichuan province experiences widespread severe cold and rainy-snowy weather, china energy's dadu river company, as the main force in ensuring energy supply within sichuan, has utilized the accumulated water volumes of nearly 3 billion cubic meters in the monkey rock and waterfall gou reservoirs. the company has coordinated the operation of 7 plants and 9 stations in the basin to generate power to the fullest extent. since january 22nd, the daily electricity generation has been maintained at around 95 million kilowatt-hours, fully supporting the safe and stable power supply for societal well-being under the impact of severe cold weather.

dadu river dagangshan hydropower station generating power in the snow.

ensuring peak load, winter heating, and a stable power supply is the top priority for dadu river company. the company has proactively formulated power supply plans, established a leadership team for power supply protection, and taken multiple measures to support the peak load and winter power supply. every effort is being made to ensure the warmth of the people during the winter. the company closely monitors weather information, strengthens communication with meteorological and power dispatch departments, optimizes the operation mode of cascade reservoirs, and ensures an adequate amount of water for power generation during the cold wave to meet the power supply demand. strictly following power grid dispatch orders, maintaining disciplined dispatching, preparing for winter line de-icing operations, and ensuring the safety of switching operations are carried out. the company strengthens dispatch duty and emergency standby work, conducts winter emergency plan drills and equipment safety inspections, adjusts anti-cold and anti-freezing measures promptly with weather changes, and focuses on inspecting and maintaining areas prone to icing such as outgoing lines. the company prepares for accidents such as freezing and total power loss at the power station during extremely cold weather, ensuring the safety and reliability of equipment at various power stations in the basin. operational and maintenance management is strengthened, and load change analysis and judgment are conducted to optimize unit operation, enhance equipment operation trend analysis, monitor equipment operation in real-time, reduce unit standby time, improve hydropower utilization efficiency, and simultaneously, make every effort to reduce energy consumption and increase generation. the scheduling of maintenance tasks for basin power stations is optimized, and equipment defect correction work is carried out during low-load periods at night. the goal is to operate units to the fullest extent and generate power as much as possible during peak periods, ensuring a fully committed effort to guarantee safe and stable power supply.