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on january 5, at the wuhai energy laoshidan coal mine under china energy, workers were using the transparent geological detection system to real-time monitor various geological information underground, achieving precise geological disaster prediction and forecasting. this is a vivid example of the first domestic exploration and practice of achieving geological transparency in coal mining through the innovative transparent geological detection system.

workers at the laoshidan coal mine monitoring data through the transparent geological assurance system.

in the production command center of the laoshidan coal mine, the large screen displays real-time geological information of coal seams, hydrology, gas, fire zone monitoring information, concealed disaster-causing factors, and preventive measures, along with operational data. the transparent geological assurance system can dynamically supervise and alert the entire process of geological information based on real-time mining conditions underground, helping frontline extraction personnel take timely countermeasures to avoid safety production risks.

the display of mine geological information on the large screen in the production command center of the laoshidan coal mine

the transparent geological detection system includes eleven major functional modules, such as transparent working face, coal mine geological measurement, water prevention and control, gas geological, fire prevention and control, fire zone geological, dynamic reserve management, and data center. it relies on geographic information and mining engineering plans as data foundations, integrating related geological measurements, safety monitoring, personnel positioning, electromechanical systems, and the "one network and three prevention" systems, achieving the fusion analysis of geological big data in the mine. it establishes a three-dimensional geological model, intuitively displaying important information such as resource reserve management, actual production, mining progress, concealed disaster-causing geological factors, etc. since the deployment of the transparent geological assurance system, it has categorized, stored, modeled, analyzed, applied, and shared geological data from coal mines, breaking through data barriers between geological data and engineering, safety, and auxiliary businesses. this has provided strong support for intelligent tunneling, intelligent coal mining, intelligent ventilation, disaster warning, intelligent transportation, and other intelligent systems, transforming the geological condition of coal mines from an invisible and intangible "black box" into a visually manageable scenario on the surface and underground. this gradual "transparency" of coal mine production provides powerful guarantees for safety production.

the three-dimensional visual display of mine geological structure through the transparent geological assurance system