china energy xinshuo railway freight marketing intelligent system achieves an increase of 1.56 million tons in transport-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-12-15   font:【 】

as of december 6th, china energy xinshuo railway freight marketing intelligent analysis system has been online and operational for two months, achieving an annual cumulative increase of 1.56 million tons. it accurately identifies more than 20 target customer groups for business personnel and provides robust data support for the online freight diversion.

the xinshuo railway freight marketing intelligent system was officially put into use on october 8th after completing acceptance. the system includes price and production information from more than 200 coal mines around the xinshuo railway. it can quickly analyze and compare feasible transportation routes and freight costs for coal mine shipments, providing intuitive and clear cost comparison services for customers. business personnel can also quickly match products that meet the specifications of the group company based on the externally purchased coal price information released by the group company, combined with information such as coal type, price, and production of surrounding coal mines. at the same time, after the system is in operation, it realizes online data reporting and electronic processing, optimizing the reporting process and method, reducing the workload of data reporters, avoiding duplicate entry of the same data. after data entry, the system can perform real-time calculation and analysis of the entered data, achieving online data analysis for shipping, settlement, and cost, providing data support for the company's external coal procurement and other businesses.

currently, the system has implemented a coordinated analysis mechanism in the field of coal transportation involving road, railway, and waterway multimodal transport path planning and coal sourcing procurement business. it continuously assists the group company in the informatization and digitization of freight logistics, laying a solid foundation for optimizing business methods and enhancing energy market analysis capabilities for china energy.