china energy's typical technical routes and case compilation for seawater desalination (2023 edition) officially released-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

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china energy's typical technical routes and case compilation for seawater desalination (2023 edition) is officially released on december 13th. led by the power industry management department of the group, it was jointly compiled with new energy institute, longyuan environmental protection, cangdong power plant, and others. this publication is an important manifestation of implementing the overall work policy "41663" of the group, aiming to promote the large-scale development of the power generation comprehensive energy industry, achieve the protection of natural fresh water resources, and increase the utilization of seawater resources, thereby increasing revenue from fresh water, hot water, steam, industrial salt, and other multi-supply.

the case compilation revises and supplements the technical routes and cases from the 2022 version, including typical cases from eight power generation companies involved in seawater desalination projects such as cangdong, qinhuangdao, zhoushan, dagang, ledong, penglai, zhuanghe, and indonesia's java. the compilation is logically structured, comprehensive, and data-rich. the document provides in-depth analysis from various aspects such as policy background, current development status, technical routes, and commercial scenarios. it introduces technical routes such as low-temperature multi-effect distillation, reverse osmosis membrane method, thermal-membrane coupling method, and multi-stage flash distillation, along with the main equipment selection criteria. the case compilation" offers comprehensive guidance for the construction and operation of seawater desalination projects, providing valuable material for power generation companies for the subsequent design and optimal selection of technical routes for seawater desalination projects.