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recently, a panel of experts composed of seven specialists, led by academicians of the chinese academy of engineering, conducted an evaluation. the research results of the china energy's "irct ion multi-stage filtration precise removal and wastewater concentration reduction key technology research and application" project were appraised to have reached an internationally advanced level. the "salt ion multi-stage separation dual membrane coupling technology" in particular is at the forefront internationally. this technological achievement was jointly developed by anhui company's tongling power plant and guodian techonology and environment group under china energy.

this technological breakthrough addresses the bottleneck problem of high operational costs, insufficient stability, and low operation rates in the zero-emission system for desalination wastewater in coal-fired power plants. through innovative research and development and demonstration of core technologies, it has achieved the coordinated operation of flue gas treatment in coal-fired power plants and zero-emission of high-salt wastewater at the end. the results will play a crucial role in the high-salinity water regeneration and utilization for industries such as power, coal mining, and coal chemical, promoting water conservation, emission reduction, and cost-effectiveness, contributing to achieving the dual control goals with efficient utilization of regenerated water as an unconventional water resource. currently, the application prospects for zero-emission technology for high-salinity wastewater in the domestic market are enormous, and the widespread application of this technology will have significant economic, social, and environmental benefits for the green development of china's large-scale energy industry and ecological civilization construction.