china energy selected as one of the top ten "china esg exemplar" enterprises by china central television (cctv)-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

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on december 2nd, at the inaugural "china esg exemplar" annual ceremony hosted by china central television (cctv), china energy was selected as one of the top ten "china esg exemplar" enterprises.

in recent years, the esg concept, encompassing environmental, social, and governance factors, has become an increasingly universal system for evaluating a company's sustainable development and social responsibility. cctv, in collaboration with authoritative institutions such as the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council (sasac), all-china federation of industry and commerce, chinese academy of social sciences, and china enterprise reform and development society, has launched the "china esg (enterprise social responsibility) release" and exemplar ceremony series of activities. by establishing internationally aligned and nationally suitable esg evaluation standards, cctv has introduced esg-related indices for chinese enterprises, published several esg-themed reports, and released various related rankings.

china energy, in its continuous deepening of esg governance, adheres to the concept that "green mountains and clear waters are invaluable assets." the group has accelerated the implementation of the "four guarantees and one enhancement" development path, ensuring energy security with coal, power stability with coal-fired electricity, scale development of renewable energy with diversified and rapid efforts, comprehensive strength enhancement with integrated digitization, and simultaneous advancement of major project construction. in the six years since its establishment, the group has produced 3.3 billion tons of coal, sold 4.42 billion tons, generated 6.3 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity, installed over 100 million kilowatts of renewable energy capacity, and risen to the 76th position in the fortune global 500, providing the driving force for china's modernization with a "continuous progress" ethos.