china energy's offshore wind power capacity exceeds 5 million kilowatts-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

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recently, with a batch of offshore wind power projects connected to the grid and generating electricity, china energy's offshore wind power has achieved an annual production of 1.36 million kilowatts, with a cumulative installed capacity reaching 5.07 million kilowatts. the proportion of clean renewable energy installed capacity has increased to 34.1%, achieving the annual target one month ahead of schedule.

since the 14th five-year plan, china energy has actively laid out large-scale offshore wind power bases along the southeast coast. projects such as jiangsu dafeng, zhugensha, and the first phase of zhejiang xiangshan have been successively put into operation, totaling 2.49 million kilowatts. the scale of offshore wind power has doubled in three years. two offshore wind power projects, zhoushan putuo 6 and jiangsu dongtai phase iv, received the national quality engineering gold award. the offshore wind power project in nanyang, jiangsu, was awarded the national quality engineering award, setting industry benchmarks. in october of this year, the national energy group obtained the development rights for 900,000 kilowatts of offshore wind power in guangdong through competitive allocation, achieving a breakthrough in offshore wind power development in guangdong. as of early december, the national energy group's offshore wind power under construction and in reserve exceeded 2 million kilowatts.

china has abundant offshore wind power resources, especially the utilization of deep-sea wind energy, which is still in the early stages of exploration. the national energy group continues to increase research and development and application of deep-sea wind power technology. in october of this year, the world's first floating wind-fishery integration project, china energy’s “gongxiang” project was completed in fujian, with expectations of being commissioned by the end of this year, providing technical support for the exploration and development of deep-sea offshore wind power.