technological achievement at china energy’s zhejiang zhoushan power plant reaches international advanced level-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-11-28   font:【 】

recently, the china high-tech industrialization research association organized the technological achievement evaluation meeting for the "key technologies of digitalization for thermal power engineering (coal-fired) based on domestic bim," developed by china energy zhejiang zhoushan power plant and the china construction institute beijing construct force technology co., ltd. according to the evaluation by the expert evaluation team, the project has achieved independent and controllable core technologies for bim in thermal power engineering, reaching an international advanced level.

it is reported that this achievement, based on the domestic bim modeling software platform and combining the characteristics of thermal power engineering (coal-fired), conducted research on key technologies for the digitalization of thermal power engineering (coal-fired) based on domestic bim. the team developed the "domestic bim full-process application platform for thermal power engineering," including 24 main functional modules such as collision inspection, two-three-dimensional linkage, construction progress management, hazardous construction simulation, perimeter protection, equipment disassembly and assembly, personnel positioning, etc. the project's research team also compiled the implementation standards for domestic bim in thermal power engineering (coal-fired), covering three different stages: design, construction and acceptance, and operation and maintenance. they established the process, steps, and standardized application methods for domestic bim data production.

it is worth mentioning that this research achievement can be integrated with construction progress software, realizing 4d construction simulation for thermal power engineering based on domestic bim technology. the automatic real-time update of progress milestones files achieves a 100% accuracy rate and timely update rate for three-dimensional visualization. at the same time, the application platform was evaluated by a third-party organization according to national requirements for the quality of systems and software. its performance and functionality meet the requirements. after being used by two internal units of the national energy group, the accuracy of construction progress management, hazardous construction simulation, and three-dimensional visualization for engineering quality inspection reached 100%, showing significant results.