the largest hydropower station under construction on the upper jinsha river successfully diverts the river-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

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china energy’s jinshajiang xulong hydropower co., ltd., successfully achieved river closure on november 11th. located on the upper reaches of the jinsha river at the junction of derong county in sichuan province and deqin county in yunnan province, it is the largest hydropower station under construction on the upper reaches of the jinsha river, with an installed capacity of 2.4 million kilowatts. once completed, the station is expected to generate about 10.5 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, saving approximately 3.15 million tons of standard coal each year.

the river closure utilized a single cofferdam, unidirectional vertical blockage approach to cut off the riverbed in one go, with upstream and downstream cofferdams blocking water throughout the year. the diversion was achieved through high and low diversion tunnels on the left bank, with a designed flow rate for river closure at 1263.5 cubic meters per second. the length of the closure cofferdam reached 110.11 meters, and hydraulic indicators such as maximum flow velocity and drop reached international leading levels. once operational, the project will play a significant role in promoting the development of clean energy bases on the upper jinsha river, accelerating the green and low-carbon transformation of the national energy structure, and alleviating regional electricity supply and demand contradictions.