the world youth energy tour launched in beijing-开元娱乐游戏app官网版

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the world youth energy tour was recently launched in beijing, where 16 young representatives from 12 countries gathered to explore the latest developments in china's energy industry. they engaged in discussions and dialogues on topics such as green energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, and energy innovation.

the launch ceremony of the world youth energy tour

at the launch ceremony of world youth energy tour, four young representatives from china energy introduced overseas energy projects in collaboration with countries such as south africa, greece, and indonesia. they also presented an overview of domestic green mining construction, showcasing china's commitment to green and low-carbon innovative development. the presentation highlighted the significant achievements in cooperating with overseas partners to implement the concept of green and low-carbon innovation, supporting energy security and economic development in host countries, and emphasizing chinese companies' fulfillment of social responsibilities abroad. through vivid examples, they narrated the story of the high-quality development of china's energy industry and achieving win-win results in international cooperation within the context of china's modernization process.

the youth participating in world youth energy tour will visit jiangsu taizhou power plant and the longyuan power's rudong tidal demonstration wind farm under china energy, among other sites. this hands-on experience aims to provide them with a firsthand understanding of china's achievements in technological innovation and green development in the energy industry.