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author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-11-23   font:【 】

on november 17th, the industry standards for metallic minimally invasive technology, test procedures for tensile testing at high temperature of metallic material miniature specimens and test procedures for high-temperature creep endurance properties of metallic material miniature specimens, led by china energy’s new energy institute co., led., smoothly passed the review of the electric power industry station metal material standardization technical commission. this established the nation's only metallic minimally invasive technology standard system, filling a domestic gap in the field.

metallic minimally invasive technology primarily involves conducting miniature damage tests on high-temperature components to achieve a comprehensive analysis of the material state, thereby assessing their service life. the technology is characterized by small damage areas, ease of repair, short required downtime, and the real-time nature of the samples. the two standards stipulate the principles, samples, testing equipment, testing requirements, performance measurement, and result numeration for high-temperature tensile and creep endurance tests of miniature samples, providing standardized guidance for conducting such tests, with both advanced and operable characteristics. the standards meet the needs of safe and reliable operation of power production and provide an effective basis for regular comprehensive check-ups of power station components.