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embracing our responsibility

the thrace project in greece boasts an impressive annual production of approximately 160 million kwh of green electricity. this substantial output is sufficient to satisfy the yearly electricity needs of 30,000 greek households, equating to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 150,000 tons and a saving of 53,000 tons of standard coal. these remarkable achievements significantly contribute to the enhancement and optimization of greece's energy structure.

concurrently, china energy remains steadfast in upholding its corporate mission of “empowering society and bolstering the economy. we proactively engage in corporate social responsibility, extending beyond providing clean energy to thousands of greek households. demonstrating our commitment to the community, we allocate 2% of our annual revenue in greece to support the local government in municipal development initiatives. additionally, we dedicate 1% of our income to subsidize the electricity consumption of local residents, further underlining our dedication to the well-being and prosperity of the communities we serve.