energy-saving transformation

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china energy is committed to environmental protection and pollution control. to this end, determined efforts have been made in upgrading energy-saving technologies. in 2020, the company achieved tangible results in improving energy efficiency in coal-fired power generation and heat supply.

solution #1: technological transformation in coal-fired power plants

in 2020, china energy carried out a comprehensive technological upgrading of 125 key coal-fired power generating units. adapting to conditions in different plants, the technological transformation involved upgrading of the flow path of steam turbines and the heating system, improvement of high back pressure turbines in key areas, targeted optimization of the auxiliary equipment and cold end, and intensive utilization of the waste heat.

case study: changzhou power plant of jiangsu company — upgrading of the flow path of steam turbines

in may 2020, the upgraded unit 1 of changzhou power plant of jiangsu company completed a performance test in the flow path of steam turbines. the test report showed that the average heat consumption in turbine heat acceptance was 7519.65 kilojoules per kilowatt-hour, 14.35 kilojoules per kilowatt-hour lower than the designed value, reaching the advanced level of 600-million kilowatts supercritical unit.

in addition to upgrading the flow path of steam turbines, the surplus steam was also utilized to expand the heat supply capacity. the heating capacity of a single unit increased to 420 tons of steam per hour from 160 tons. the realization of thermal–electrical coupling served the dual demand for the peak shaving and heat supply, providing a solution to the tough problem of low-load heating in the energy industry. green energy thus was used to provide warmth.

solution #2: green electricity for heating

embracing changes in the national environmental policies, china energy has made vigorous efforts in improving its three-year plan for environmental protection and the three-year action plan for pollution control. focusing on management improvement and technological upgrading, transformation projects have been launched to realize green power generation and environmentally friendly heat supply. in 2020, 15 power plants of china energy in cities of datong, qinhuangdao, sanhe, and xingyang carried out renovation projects for the heating system.

case study: handan cogen power station of guodian power development — green heat supply

handan cogen power station provides more than 60 percent of heat supply for the city of handan, hebei province. in pursuit of green electricity and heating, the company invested 25 million yuan in upgrading the low-pressure cylinder with zero output technology and increasing the capacity of six heaters. now the power station is capable of heating 25 million square meters while annually reducing the use of standard coal by 17,000 tons, carbon dioxide emissions by 44,000 tons, and sulfur dioxide emissions by 143.6 tons.