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the complete set of pao fundamental oil production technology by ningxia coal fills domestic gap

on february 23rd, the "ten-thousand-ton low viscosity pao fundamental oil production unit technology package" developed by ningxia coal industry, a subsidiary of china energy, passed the expert review organized by the china petroleum and chemical industry federation.

the technology, using fischer-tropsch olefinic component oil as raw material, has developed an integrated coupling process of "raw material pretreatment, continuous polymerization, and hydrogenation refining," forming a complete set of production technology for pao fundamental oil. it features high fundamental oil yield, low product pour point, high viscosity index, and stable properties, meeting the requirements of high-end fundamental oil standards. the process equipment selection is reasonable, the process control scheme is feasible, and the hse meets regulatory requirements.

in recent years, the ningxia coal industry coal chemical industry technology research institute has closely followed the development layout of the downstream industrial chain of coal indirect liquefaction and innovated the innovation chain. they have carried out research on the production of pao fundamental oil using fischer α-olefins. based on the stable heavy oil characteristics of the 4 million tons per year coal indirect liquefaction fischer synthesis, the institute established a small group for pao synthetic oil production process technology research. through public data inquiries, pilot experiments, simulation calculations, and pilot verification, they have developed a complete set of pao fundamental oil production technology with independent intellectual property rights. the technology's raw material route and production process comply with national industrial policies, are technologically mature, safe, and reliable, environmentally friendly, and key equipment can be domestically produced, filling the domestic technological gap, and achieving international standards.