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boao dongyu island green smart energy system project selected as typical case of energy green and low-carbon transformation

recently, the national energy administration announced the first batch of typical cases of energy green and low-carbon transformation nationwide, and china energy's "construction practice of green smart energy system on hainan boao dongyu island" successfully made the list, becoming one of the first 23 projects to receive this honor nationwide.

the selected project is located in china's first internationally influential international forum zero-carbon park jointly created by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development and hainan province. it is one of the "six major landmark projects" in the construction of hainan ecological civilization pilot zone. hainan company under the national energy group and longyuan environmental protection of science environment group jointly undertook the greenization project and intelligent system platform construction of boao zero carbon park, mainly including photovoltaic energy storage flexible system and smart energy management platform. the photovoltaic energy storage flexible system is built on the basis of distributed photovoltaic and liquid flow energy storage facilities, with the access of 6 units of 500-watt flower wind turbines, and the construction of 2×250-kilowatt dc mutual aid photovoltaic energy storage flexible system, realizing the optimization and regulation of building energy use, and assisting major buildings in the park to achieve "zero energy consumption" level. the system first applied the all-vanadium liquid flow long-term energy storage system to island buildings, pioneered the dc mutual aid mode, and created a photovoltaic energy storage flexible system covering wind, light, storage, and flexible loads, as well as a real-time carbon metering service system. the smart energy management platform displays the carbon flow, energy flow, and information flow of the three major operation sectors of green power generation, green building, and green transportation, and according to the external power supply situation, realizes the island's smart energy system's "source-grid-load-storage" interactive integration, rapid response, and precise matching.

china energy is committed to promoting green and low-carbon transformation through technological innovation, actively building an original technology source, taking the initiative to undertake comprehensive smart energy construction such as zero-carbon energy supply, smart transportation systems, green energy islands, and smart parks, and making contributions to promoting china's