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china energy's locomotive-linked intelligent system completes loading of over 10 million tons

as of january 29th, china energy's yanbao energy has successfully operated the country's first set of "locomotive-linked intelligent loading system," with a cumulative loading of 156,210 train cars, transporting 10.34 million tons of coal. the intelligent loading system has reached a new level, continuously empowering the energy supply.

this system is applied at the yanbao energy storage and loading center's no. 2 fast quantitative loading station. it consists of four subsystems: the locomotive automatic driving system, loading equipment automatic start-stop system, intelligent carriage information collection system, and intelligent loading system. these subsystems complement each other, achieving a fully unmanned intelligent startup throughout the entire loading process.

since the system went online in may 2023, the imbalance rate has decreased from 1.7% to 0.5%, significantly reducing the time for secondary treatment of railcars due to overloading. on average, each railcar reduces the time for secondary treatment by approximately 30 minutes, improving loading efficiency by 15%. simultaneously, the system addresses issues such as frequent collisions, overloading, and material spillage caused by manual operations due to visual fatigue and high labor intensity. this ensures maximum loading quality and safety, realizing the goals of "reducing personnel, increasing safety, and improving efficiency," comprehensively enhancing the level of intelligence and safety assurance capabilities.