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green and low-carbon development

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green development in numbers:

the company has completed the ultra-low emission transformation of ten 2.93 gw circulating fluidized bed (cfb) boilers and four 1.96 gw w-shaped flame furnaces.

its annual so2, nox, and smoke emissions decreased by 0.006g/kwhs, 0.001g/kwh and 0.001g/kwh year-on-year, respectively.

flow path retrofit of 17 generating units have been completed, lowering thermal power coal consumption by over 10 g/kwh.

a total of 1.335 million kilowatts of coal power capacity, including 135,000 kilowatts of backward capacity, were shut down throughout the year.

green mines, green power plants, green transportation and green chemicals:

green mines: 47 mines are included in the national (36) and provincial (1) green coal mine lists, accounting for 67 percent of all operating coal mines.

green power plants: 63.3 percent of its generating units have installed capacity of 600,000 kilowatts and above, and all of its regular coal-fired power plants have achieved ultra-low emissions.

green transportation: the railway equipment company’s type-km81 coal funnel freight cars employ a variety of new technologies including lightweight aluminum alloy bodywork, environment- friendly top cover, bidirectional opening and closing bottom door, long-maintenance-cycle draft gear and integrated brake system. with the technical features of environment-friendliness, heavy load and high efficiency, they can ensure safe operation of the freight trains to the greatest extent and help to achieve comprehensive economic, social and environmental benefits.

green chemicals: china energy is the world’s only business conglomerate capable of turning millions of tons of coal both directly and indirectly into liquid fuels and achieving local, clean and efficient conversion of coal.