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responding to climate change

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china energy has integrated ecological progress into every link of production, construction and operation. it has followed a path of green, low-carbon and circular development featuring high-tech content, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution, with the discharge of all pollutants meeting established standards. the group has constantly accelerated the construction of green coal mines, green power plants, green transportation and green chemicals. more than 40 percent of all operating coal mines have been listed as green coal mines at ministerial or provincial levels. all of the group’s conventional coal-fired power plants have completed the transformation for ultra-low emissions, as well as desulfurization and denitrification, with some having realized “net zero.” the group has built 1,600 hectares of ecological shelter forest in 2,218 counties in china’s 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, bringing economic and social benefits to more than 10 million people.

longyuan carbon assets company signed an agreement with youyu county of shanxi province to jointly develop forest carbon sinks and address climate change in the county.

gd power development company issued the first internationally certified climate bond in china.

china energy carried out strategic research on carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

longyuan carbon assets company won the first prize of enterprise management innovation achievements awarded by china electricity council.

china shenhua energy company won sina finance’s china esg golden awards 2020 — sustainable development award.

wang xiangxi, secretary of the party leadership group and chairman of china energy investment corporation, attended the belt and road clean energy development forum in september 2020.

the vegetation coverage rate of shendong coal mine has increased from 3-11% to 64%.

huanghua port was ranked first among 22 major ports along the chinese coast in green and safe production evaluation, and became a national 3a industrial tourist destination.

ledong power plant in hainan province became the world’s best urban environmentally-friendly power plant in terms of emission standards.

the direct coal liquefaction demonstration project with an annual output of 1 million tons in ordos, inner mongolia, produced oil products meeting the highest environmental standards at home and abroad.