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gd power realizes automatic identification of sedimentation rate of muddy sewage

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on april 25, a “device for automatic measurement of sedimentation rate of muddy sewage treatment,” independently developed and designed by langfang power plant of gd power development co., ltd. under china energy, was awarded an utility model patent registration certificate issued by china national intellectual property administration. its application allows for real-time monitoring of water quality, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of muddy sewage treatment equipment and the efficiency of workers.

gd power used to manually measure the sedimentation rate of the sedimentation tank on a regular basis to control the water quality, which had drawbacks such as large deviation of sampling volume, low accuracy of collected data, and inability to accurately grasp the time of settling. due to these reasons, the sedimentation rate failed to truly reflect the working condition of the sedimentation tank, and from time to time the quality of water from the sedimentation tank was bad due to untimely drainage of mud.

in order to solve this problem to ensure the effluent water quality continues to meet the national standards and improve the efficiency of workers and the wastewater treatment facility, the company carried out independent technical research after analysis of the phenomenon and innovatively developed a new image-based technology which allows for automatic measurement of the sedimentation rate of muddy sewage treatment.