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expert review meeting for white paper on china’s hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry 2020 held in beijing

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on march 23, the expert review meeting for white paper on china’s hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry 2020 (hereinafter the “white paper 2020”) was held in beijing. liu guoyue, president of china energy and director general of china hydrogen alliance, addressed the event.

in his address to the meeting, liu put forward three suggestions on the future work of the china hydrogen energy alliance: first, adhering to the goals set in the white paper 2020, the research institute of china hydrogen alliance should further pool the strengths of various parties, strengthen strategic leadership, formulate a roadmap for hydrogen energy development and a specific action plan for achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, and continue promoting research on hydrogen energy in the context of carbon neutralization; second, china hydrogen alliance and its research institute need to improve their capability building and conduct extensive cooperation in an open and innovative spirit to build a national hydrogen energy think tank; third, the alliance should further promote the application and industrialization of research results, and place greater emphasis on enhancing original innovation capacity and strengthening enterprises’ main role in innovation, especially in platform construction, project implementation and research result industrialization.

yu zhuoping, director of the expert committee of china hydrogen alliance and professor from tongji university, made a report on the key content of the white paper 2020. academicians and experts reviewed and discussed the core content of the white paper 2020, gave suggestions on its modification, and conducted in-depth discussions on the prospects of hydrogen energy. xu guanhua, an academician of the chinese academy of sciences, pointed out that the alliance should pay attention to renewable energy, electrolysis of water for production of hydrogen, improvement of traditional technologies, and the strategic importance of hydrogen energy, and clarify the important role of distributed hydrogen energy in improving people’s wellbeing. he called on the china hydrogen alliance to motivate its members to jointly develop the hydrogen energy industry.

the white paper 2020 focuses on developing a low-carbon, clean hydrogen supply system to achieve the goal of carbon neutralization. with detailed facts and data, it elaborates on the development trend of clean hydrogen and the prospects and key technologies of china’s low-carbon, clean hydrogen energy industry in the context of carbon neutralization. it also presents references for policy making, investment and financing in china’s hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry.