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public welfare

  • poverty relief
  • chn energy foundation

the year 2020 marked the final year of china's campaign to eliminate absolute poverty within its borders. poverty alleviation officials and members of the public had created a poverty eradication miracle in china. since 2012, chn energy investment group has blazed a unique trail of poverty alleviation through measures.
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according to the unified arrangement of the central government for poverty alleviation work, chn energy investment group undertakes the tasks of helping nine counties (including seven designated poverty alleviation counties and two counties under pairing-up assistance) reduce poverty. among these nine counties, nyainrong in tibet, gangcha and qumalai in qinghai, and butuo and puge in sichuan are located in areas of extreme poverty, while youyu in shanxi, ningcheng in inner mongolia, and mizhi and wubao in shaanxi are located in poverty-stricken old revolutionary base areas.

the party committee of chn energy regards targeted poverty alleviation as one of its key tasks, with remarkable achievements made by the company in leading the poverty alleviation counties out of poverty by strengthening responsibility, reinforcing organizational leadership, increasing investment, selecting and dispatching capable personnel, enhancing supervision and guidance, and innovating methods of assistance. with great assistance from chn energy, youyu, gangcha, nyainrong, ningcheng, mizhi, wubao and qumalai have been successfully lifted out of poverty during the period from august 2018 to april 2020. in the assessment of poverty alleviation work conducted by the state council leading group office of poverty alleviation and development and the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council (sasac), chn energy received the highest ranking for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019. it has also been honored among 50 typical cases of targeted poverty alleviation by chinese enterprises.

in 2019, chn energy actively studied and implemented president xi jinping’s discourses on poverty alleviation, formulated its management measures on targeted poverty alleviation and pairing-up assistance and 2019 plan for poverty alleviation, and coordinated and arranged work on targeted poverty alleviation and pairing-up assistance. throughout the year, the company earmarked poverty alleviation funds totaling 226 million yuan (us$32 million), a year-on-year increase of 29 percent.

in 2020, chn energy will fully implement the guiding principles of the important speech delivered by general secretary xi jinping at a symposium on securing a decisive victory in poverty alleviation and the spirit of the video conference held by the party committee of the sasac calling on central enterprises to win the battle against poverty. efforts will be focused on providing aid to butuo and puge counties which have yet to shake off poverty, while continuing to help the seven counties including youyu consolidate poverty alleviation achievements and increasing pairing-up assistance to poor regions in xinjiang, with an aim to firmly lift the poor areas out of poverty.

chn energy foundation, formerly known as shenhua foundation, hereinafter referred to as the “foundation”, is a national social organization with a registered capital of 200 million yuan (us$29.1 million). on july 1, 2010, the foundation was registered at the ministry of civil affairs, which is also the administrative agency of the foundation. approved by the corporation’s party committee, the foundation was officially renamed as chn energy foundation in may 2018.

adhering to the principles of “delivering chn energy’s loving care, supporting public welfare undertakings and promoting social harmony and development”, the main business segments of the foundation cover the fields of poverty alleviation, disaster relief, assistance to tibet, culture and education, scientific research, environmental protection, cooperation and exchange, as well as community building. the foundation, awarded the titles of 5a-level foundation among national social organizations and national advanced social organization, has won wide attention and recognition from all walks of life, improving the brand and image of chn energy.

  • 29,491

    children with leukemia and congenital heart disease received medical aid

  • 92,792

    infants received screening test for congenital heart disease

  • 19


  • 14,710

    book houses

  • 27.69 million


as an important platform of chn energy for carrying out corporate social responsibility, chn energy foundation is focused on charity projects for poverty reduction. as of the end of 2020, more than 3 billion yuan (us$465 million) has been spent on the chn energy love action, a project under the foundation primarily aimed at providing financial support for children with leukemia and congenital heart disease (chd). thanks to the project, 29,491 children have received medical aid and 92,792 infants received chd screening test. the funds were also donated to build 19 schools and 14,628 book houses, benefiting a vast number of people across the country.

chn energy foundation will continue to rally closely around the central committee of the communist party of china (cpc) with comrade xi jinping at the core and fully implement resolutions of the 19th cpc national congress of the party and decisions made by the group corporation’s party committee. greater efforts will also be made to improve the charity work of chn energy and pursue the second centenary goal of building china into a great modern socialist country in all respects.