257 gw total installed capacity,accounting for 11.7% of the national total. 190 gw thermal power capacity,with 600 mw units accounting for 63.3% of the coal fleet. 35 units are of gw capacity,with ultra-supercritical units accounting for 59.0% of the coal fleet. the company's new energy portfolio,with 47.81gw installed capacity,covers wind, solar, biomass, tidal, geothermal and ocean energy. in particular wind capacity reaches 46.038 gw,ranking no.1 in the world.hydropower capacity totals 18.612gw.daduhe company,one of the hydro subsidiaries, is a large-scale basin hydropower development company specializing in hydropower development,construction,operation and management. it is also the largest developer along the main stream of the dadu river in terms of the number and installed capacity of power stations. daduhe company actively participates in china's first pilot program for comprehensive basin management and is widely recognized as one of the most intelligent hydropower companies in the world.