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solution #1: green coal-fired power plants

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china energy pursues clean and efficient use of coal by developing green coal-fired power plants. the company’s general coal-fired generating units now have a total installed capacity of 18.838 gw, and 63.3 percent of them are 600,000-kilowatt units or above. of the 37 generators with a capacity of 1 gw or more, 61.2 percent of them use supercritical and ultra-supercritical technologies and some have realized near zero emissions, lower than the emission standards of developed economies.

case study: china energy taizhou power plant — building a world-class facility for green power generation

a 4-gw coal-fired power plant in east china’s jiangsu province, the taizhou power plant is the largest power company in the province by installed capacity. considered the world’s best in terms of power generation efficiency, coal consumption, and environmental protection, the plant has become a prominent example of clean use of coal based on advanced high-efficiency, low-emission technologies. environmental quality is crucial to human well-being. to this end, the taizhou power plant has made sustained efforts in tapping the thermal power generation potential of its high-capacity units and succeeded in cutting down coal consumption and pollutant emissions. at the same time, the power station has provided a stable supply of steam and thermal power for enterprises in the surrounding area through cascade utilization of energy, which helped boost the local economic development.