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biodiversity protection

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biodiversity is a precious natural wealth associated with the well-being of mankind. ecosystem protection has been an important part of china energy’s efforts to promote ecological progress. in the process of project construction and operation, it has done its best to minimize the impact on biodiversity and promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

case study: dayan company — ecological environment restoration at zhani river open-pit mine

dayan company under china energy has attached equal importance to business growth and ecological sustainability. it has taken strong measures to push forward the ecological restoration at zhani river open-pit mine and its surrounding areas for the healthy development of its business operation. with an investment of 326 million yuan, 333,000 square meters of grassland, more than 60,000 trees, and 424 linear meters of red wood, lilac and other types of landscape plants were completed, while 4600 square meters of land suffering from land degradation and desertification was managed and over 20,000 square meters of degraded land in surrounding areas was restored with greenery. at present, 25 species of woody plants and 131 species of herbaceous plants grow in and around the zhani river open-pit mine, including many rare species of trees and medicinal herbs. wildlife and rare birds such as grassland hare, grassland red fox, hazelnut chicken, sand spotted chicken and wild ducks are also found here. the ecological environment in the mining area has been fundamentally improved.

guohua energy investment company — rescue of david’s deer, a first-class protected animal in china

on january 23, when several workers of the dunmen wind farm of guohua energy’s jiangsu company were on a routine inspection tour of a wind turbine, they heard an animal’s wailing in the distance. they found that a david’s deer, a first-class protected animal in china, had been stranded by a net. they took immediate action to save the deer. with their joint efforts, the stranded deer was freed and returned to the forest nearby.

the rescue of the david’s deer exemplifies the wind farm’s implementation of china energy’s no. 1 notice on production safety and environmental protection. it demonstrated the responsibility and commitment of a new energy wind power company to bring benefits to the people while coexisting with nature in harmony.

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