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clean coal power tour

clean coal power tour

at taizhou power plant in jiangsu province, international youth had close contact with the world’s first million-kilowatt secondary reheating unit and asia’s largest thermal power carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage (ccus) project, and gained an in-depth understanding of the basic supporting and regulating role of coal power in ensuring energy security, and learned the key role of fossil energy transformation enabled by science and technology. whether it is a secondary reheat unit that reduces consumption and improves efficiency, or a ccus project that “captures carbon” and reduces emissions, it is of great significance in improving the energy efficiency of thermal power development, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

yamauchi semi, youth: “when most people talk about coal-fired power plants, they probably think about pollution, like black smoke. through this trip, i found that they have improved the way they use coal to lift the efficiency of coal utilization, and applied new energy resource like wind power and photovoltaic power to achieve the transformation in a sustainable way.”

ike mutinda kitil, youth: “visiting the ccus project was an enlightening experience. witnessing the complex process of capturing and storing carbon dioxide highlights the project’s critical role in the fight against climate change.”